Project Description


The work of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) involved in the action to end AIDS can never be underestimated.
The great work they have done and continue doing is immeasurable. These Civil Society Organisations face the greatest of challenges, one of which is sustaining their resources so that they can continue working toward an AIDS-free society.


Upon realizing this UNAIDS through SANAC saw the need to take up the challenge of raising funds for Civil Society Organisations. The strategy was essentially creating a continuum path aimed at largely inspiring South Africans to work together to raise funds to support these organisations and in the same process profile success achieved by these organization and government, raise awareness and educate members of public on HIV and AIDS.


Come up with a fundraising idea that will not only raise funds for Civil Society Organisation but also raise awareness on the success achieved by CSOs and Government, educate South Africans on HIV and AIDS and how they can get involved in ending AIDS. The fundraising idea had to be unconventional because at any point there are many organisation running fundraising campaigns we needed to stand out. Make it fun, Keep it simple, and make everyone want to participate in/ watch/ share/ laugh at/ talk about.

The campaign aimed to involve every South African at various levels from political leaders, business people, influencers, celebrities, and the general public; it aimed to cover the three aim objectives: 1. Raise funds 2. Raise awareness and celebrate successes 3. Educate the public on HIV and AIDS.


Splash for Hope fundraising and awareness campaign will use a very simple participation mechanism: The Dunk or Donate Challenge. The challenge uses a dunk tank to raise funds, individuals challenge each other to dunk or donate. When an individual makes a donation, they earn right to challenge anyone to dunk or donate. If the challenged individual decided
to donate, he/she then makes his/her own challenge to the next person. If he/she decides to dunk then we follow up on social media to see who else has been challenged or who did the challenged individual nominate after being dunked. The Splash for Hope (Dunk or donate challenge) was a hook that was supported by digital media, national PR coverage, and on-the-ground activations.


By August 2017 ZAR 7 Million had been collected through the SANAC Trust account and the remainder of the ZAR 10 million was directly deposited to beneficiary organisations by various donors.