Project Description


Dance contributes meaningfully towards the development of all humankind and its social cohesion. It stimulates cultural dialogue through movement, which is part of the fundamental mode of human expression. More importantly, offers a healthy lifestyle, encourages social relations and cohesion. The South African Dance Awards aimed to celebrate and coordinate this crucial part of our cultural heritage and history by honouring dancers and individuals who’ve reached the highest plateau in our industry.

  • The South African Dance Awards (SADA) seeks to change the way communities think through dance – while at the same time uplifting communities through social cohesion & contributing to employment opportunities
  • Making access & utilization possible
  • Shared experiences & reward excellence
  • We seek to promote dance services and disciplines
  • Inclusiveness of all forms and stakeholders


  • Development and implementation of a brand strategy for SADA
  • Development and implementation of a concept and roll-out strategy
  • Development and implementation of a communications and media strategy as well as digital marketing and social media
  • Weekly updates/status reports to the client with regular client meetings to assess progress
  • Setting up the website
  • Setting up of a Vodacom sms-line for nominations (47252)
  • Facilitating networking sessions with the dance community in various provinces
  • Organising the media launch on 22 September 2016
  • Facilitation of online and physical nominations of dancers for the various categories
  • Hosting auditions in four provinces with local judges from each province
  • Facilitation of final judging round by judging panel
  • Setting up the auditing process for the awards through Besalca
  • The announcement of nominees and the facilitation process to vote for the various nominees
  • Procurement of prizes for category winners
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements for nominees
  • Invite and RSVP management system for VIP’s
  • Setting up of ticket sales through iTickets
  • Event Production of Awards Evening
  • booking of venue, VIP reception, after party and accommodation
  • Rehearsals of nominees and production team (dancers, MC’s etc.)
  • Creating a brand and Partner branding
  • Social media management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • video production
  • Website: The website was developed and the bulk of the nomination process operated from the site. This was also the main platform for information regarding the awards

  • Social Media: All social media pages were activated and promotions were run on all platforms to ensure a growing following. This included Facebook, Twitter, and

  • Sms-line: 47252: A dedicated sms-line was set up with Vodacom to accommodate sms nominations and voting. This was crucial to the whole process and also an integral part of revenue generation

  • Tickets: Tickets for the event were sold by iTickets