Project Description


Adolescent girls and young women are the future of South Africa, but they face many challenges:

  • High HIV infections – 1,975 young women are newly infected every week
  • Unwanted pregnancy – 70,000 babies are born each year to girls under 18
  • Sexual and gender-based violence – One-third of adolescent girls and young women experience abuse
  • High drop-out rate from school – %60 of the youth have no education qualification
  • Unemployment and poverty – Youth face high unemployment and lack opportunities for economic empowerment

Our challenge was to come up with a three years campaign that would become the voice of the young woman, a campaign that would empower the young women and also educate them on sexual health and how to protect themselves so that they fulfil their future.

SOLUTION: Campaign She Conquers

She Conquers is a campaign that targets adolescent girls and young women between the ages 15 and 24 years. The campaign addresses the disproportionate burden of HIV, which negatively impacts young women and girls’ quality of life. High levels of teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, sexual and gender-based violence, and limited opportunities for economic independence, contributed to the high HIV infection rates.

The She Conquers Campaign has the following objectives:

  • Decrease new HIV infections in adolescent girls and young women;
  • Decrease teenage pregnancies;
  • Keep adolescent girls and young women in school;
  • Decrease sexual and gender based violence; and
  • Increase economic opportunities for young people

We believe that every girl should have the power to decide her future. This means being educated, healthy, and safe from violence. When girls gain knowledge, they get the chance to become independent. And this gives them more ways to transform themselves and their communities; thus break the cycle of poverty.

Through dialogues, workshops, activations, mass communication, partnership enhancements and engagements, She Conquers empowers young women and girls to conquer the challenges they face.