Project Description

Howard University School of Mathematics together with Science & Sheppard Education & Training Academy are coming together to launch the Maths & Science Improvement Project. Lower uptake of mathematics and science in SA and dismal performance at our schools present the developmental strain to SA development. Although education policy and other government initiatives (Sci-Bono) are aimed at improving uptake and performance, continued lower performance and uptake in many marginalized communities requires long term intervention and greater support. Without this, the situation will negatively impact on SA developmental goals (as envisaged in NDP etc.) Develop a creative and long term campaign which utilizes US partners’ visit to inspire ‘whole of society approach’ to raise funds for a mathematics and science uptake project.

Key Deliverables:

Assist Shepherd Skills and Training Academy to promote, market and conduct fundraising the campaign aimed at raising awareness and promote Mathematics and Science in the targeted the group, especially learners from marginalized communities.


  • Provide education support for Mathematics and Science for learners from grade 8 to 12;
  • Offer other education and training interventions such as counselling and tertiary education bursary schemes with a preference for studies in the natural sciences disciplines
  • Skills development for unemployed women, youth and people with disabilities. Our focus on this area is around scarce skills and sustainable empowerment projects


  • Engagement and Mobilisation – moving communication to a level such that the messaging is motivating enough to influence the public to donate for the cause.
  • Awareness and Education – increasing the penetration of the Maths and Science as part of life skills messaging.
  • Acceptance – A buy in from all stakeholders, making this a national movement.
  • Action and Advocacy – Inspire individual and collective action leading to an advocacy of the cause.